Description of the painting by Willem de Kooning “Woman 3”

Description of the painting by Willem de Kooning “Woman 3”

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This painting was painted in 1953. Therefore, we can safely say that Willem de Kooning is our contemporary. The artist has six paintings from a series about women. And the picture Woman 3 is one of these six works. This model has become a very famous painting.

The writer was very interested in painting portraits, he was absorbed in just such work. Only a person who has no taste will not see anything in the artist’s paintings, except emptiness. If you look closely and ponder over Kunning’s design, you can read a lot in his paintings and portraits.

The woman depicted in the picture is somewhat unusual. All the women whom the artist portrayed were distinguished by the fact that it was necessary to carefully and continuously observe his creation in order to reveal the meaning invested in this work. The originality and unusual heroin distinguishes the great master from other compatriots.

The painting "Woman 3" is also one of a kind. It even differs from other works of the same artist. He described all women in one style. The same heroine is depicted in a slightly different way. How?

What is the difference between the lady in this picture and the rest of the Cunning women? Interestingly, all women were thoughtful or serious. But the person in question is very good-natured and also cheerful. Since her eyes are wide open, perhaps this conveys her excessive credulity and naivety. One more conclusion follows from this. It is likely that this person is so naive because of her young age. If you take a closer look, we will see how the young lady carefully holds her transparent dress around the edges.

The lady's headdress resembles a crown. This may indicate that this person is one lady of an old and noble family. Maybe she will become a queen in the future. It is possible that she may be engaged to one of the statesmen.

Whatever the truth, this masterpiece can prompt you to your own discoveries and feelings of beauty.

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