Description of the painting by Alexander Gerasimov "Gifts of Autumn"

Description of the painting by Alexander Gerasimov

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The painting by Alexander Gerasimov “Gifts of Autumn” is a typical classic still life. As you know, one of the most popular elements of a still life is a bouquet by the window. The window helps transmit unusual lighting and an interesting play of chiaroscuro. If the bouquet, as in this picture, is in a transparent jar or vase, the viewer has the opportunity to observe the refraction of light through the prism of glass. Gerasimov not the first time resorted to such a composition, but this picture was especially successful for him. On the table are visible fruits that are characteristic of this time of year. Judging by the non-catchiness, the artist did not prepare them on purpose, but simply took what was at hand.

In the foreground are two half-empty sunflowers. This adds a touch of intrigue to the composition, as the viewer himself must guess whether the birds ate the seeds or, while preparing the instruments for the composition, someone from the family ate them. Gerasimov very successfully uses contrast in sunflower flowers, which have always been a symbol of the wealth of nature. The only lonely element of the composition is the mushroom. How did he get into the picture? Perhaps he just accidentally grew up on the threshold, and the author decided to add it to a still life. To the left of the sunflower flowers is a bowl of green apples.

Above all this stands a bouquet of mountain ash - the main semantic and color accent of the picture, the dominant of this still life. The scarlet branches are so heavy that they bent under the weight of the fruit. The bouquet is so large that it blocks the window, thereby becoming the center of the composition and, thanks to this, sets the tone for it. The whole picture is tinted with a deep red tint, thanks to which ordinary elements appear in a new light - ordinary autumn gifts look luxuriously like true treasures of nature.

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