Description of Peter Rubens's painting Perseus and Andromeda

Description of Peter Rubens's painting Perseus and Andromeda

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One of the most outstanding masterpieces, which is still relevant today, is, of course, the work of one of the greatest artists Peter Paul Rubens, a painter from Holland - Perseus and Andromeda.

Indeed, you should not even peer into this picture for a long time, as you immediately feel the deep dynamics of this story, which originates from the ancient myths of Greece. Stories about the Greek gods, the great feats of heroes and others, Rubens’s attention has captivated his whole life, as a result of which we can observe such wonderful masterpieces.

True, it is worth saying that Rubens interpreted each story and myth in his own way. As, for example, in this picture we see how heroic human qualities conquer dark forces. Naturally, in the center of the picture, the protagonist, Perseus, stands life-affirming.

The goddess of Glory hovering over him, as it should, with all the valiant heroes. Quite a tremulous moment is the gentle touch of Perseus to Andromeda, the picture at this moment seems to come to life, and you become an involuntary witness to all this.

Interestingly enough, the fact that Rubens captured Andromeda, oddly enough not as an ideal beauty of ancient times, but as a girl with rather magnificent forms and with red hair. Almost everything in this picture simply screams and glorifies, strength, health, power and beauty. Take, for example, the mighty Pegasus horse, who seemed to have not caught his breath after the battle and eagerly swallows and exhales air.

In this work, one cannot help but be amazed at the impeccable, ideal and masterful game with blue, red, orange. The skill in writing a naked body is beyond praise.

The human body has such a realistic color that with proper lighting, all the characters in the picture come to life and are set in motion in an instant.

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