Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “Red Vineyards in Arles”

Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “Red Vineyards in Arles”

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Subsequently, the great, and during his lifetime, completely unappreciated by compatriots artist Vincent Van Gogh sold only one painting, its cost was 400 francs, which was a fortune for the poor impoverished artist. The sold painting was intriguingly called “Red Vineyards in Arles” and today the price of this canvas exceeds $ 90 million.

The history of the picture is as follows:

Not at all successful with critics and the local public, Wag Gogh did not despair, but continued to paint picture after picture, in the hope that the next painting would certainly bring good luck and fame. But this did not happen and the canvases accumulated in his wretched apartment, and he painted everything, and preferred to paint from nature, quite rightly believing that after coming home many paints will be erased from memory and it will be difficult to restore them.

Once, in the year 1888, Van Gogh, as usual, went to paint on nature, returned, he only in the evening, because his charioteer was in no hurry to come for him. And when the cart still rolled towards the house, Van Gogh suddenly saw the setting sun, which illuminated the nearest vineyard with its rays, turning the vine leaves into a raging red flame, and people and the earth around in purple and blue dots. The sky turned completely yellow.

Immediately ordering the driver to stop the horse, the artist got off the cart and began to paint the landscape, trying to capture the moment that so impressed his imagination. Thus was born the painting "Red Vineyards in Arles." Critics and people who are not interested in the artist’s work, sought to ridicule this picture, to say that everything on it is unnatural, although that may be more beautiful and more natural than simple peasant labor in the rays of the evening sunset.

In the picture, green and yellow glare emanate from the sun, which turn the leaves of grapes in the foreground of the picture into a crimson glow. The earth is made blue black, almost purple, such as it was seen by the artist. Those who continue to argue that this is unnatural, just sometimes need to get out of the house and enjoy the sunset, which gives the whole environment a unique magic.

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