Description of the painting by Andrei Ryabushkin “Sunday”

Description of the painting by Andrei Ryabushkin “Sunday”

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One of the most recognized authors of Russian pictorial history is A.P. Ryabushkin in the last time of his life, despite the fact that he was very ill, was very inspired. During this time, he wrote a series of beautiful paintings that replenished the picturesque treasury of the world.

One of them is Sunday. This work amazes the viewer with its amazing simplicity. A young lady is walking along the snowy street of ancient Moscow with a graceful and easy walk. It was as if she were floating over the blue that was giving away blue. Literally throughout her movement, an incredible lightness is felt, besides, a fur coat and a luxurious braid on her shoulder reinforce this impression and swaying freely from the movement.

On a snowy background, a slender figure of a girl looms clearly, who proudly raised her head, modestly lowered her eyes, she does not even look around. The high headdress on it is like a crown. The pale skin on the face is slightly covered with a blush, but in her posture and even in the face a cheerful mood is felt, ready to explode with laughter. The girl is dressed in a raspberry-colored fur coat. The painting is dominated by very rich and vibrant colors. Even in the clothes of passersby who admire the beauty of the girl, they stand out clearly. But at the same time they do not violate the internal harmony in the picture at all.

Harmony is also introduced by the landscape background of the picture. The street is almost empty, with the exception of a few passers-by. On the silver-blue snow numerous traces of the sled runners are visible. In the background is a white-stone church, houses and trees wrapped in snow. Their static character perfectly underlines the girl’s easy and striving walks. Ryabushkin was able to perfectly convey the process of its movement on the canvas. There is absolutely no feeling of static, but in the foreground there is only one girl.

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