Description of Isaac Levitan's painting “Late Autumn”

Description of Isaac Levitan's painting “Late Autumn”

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Another stunning landscape of Levitan "Late Autumn." This time is one of his favorite seasons. Of course, it is impossible not to sing the beauty of autumn with its riot of colors of a withering nature.

The canvas is written in a quite familiar manner to the author of a gloomy landscape. Nature is depicted without excessive gloss exactly as it appears to the viewer in reality. Dusk. Clouds were gathering in the sky. Maybe it's raining. Most likely, it has been raining for more than one week - a sufficiently large puddle has already formed in the foreground. Yellow leaves are floating in a puddle, like boats, similar to those that descend on the first spring streams of the baby. Fields are removed, at a distance you can observe a haystack.

The whole landscape is in suspense and suspense. A little more and winter will come. Nature is already ready for "death", after which, undoubtedly, there will come a revival. Leaves have already circled around the birches - they are standing completely naked, it seems that they are cold, and pressed closer to each other more densely. Forest waiting: waiting for cold weather, frost, first snow. A little more and this still rather color picture will be replaced by a monotonous white snow-covered plain.

In the background are evergreen spruce and yellowed leaves of other trees. All grass has long been yellow and withered. The sky is completely cloudy and hopeless.

The overall impression of the picture is rather gloomy. But in total, the landscape is perceived quite hard - the picture is painted in dark colors, it is worth straining your eyes in order to make out the essential details of the landscape. This landscape is not about the magnificent wilting of nature. There is no riot of colors. However, this particular picture can most clearly reflect the autumn state of nature, without undue embellishment of reality.

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