Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Morning in a pine forest”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Morning in a pine forest”

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At first glance at the picture, it seems that she is alive. Thus, only a painter who subtly feels wildlife could write an artistic canvas. The picture betrays us feelings and emotions, frolic in the morning, cubs. It seems as if they were not wild forest animals at all, but small pets went out to play in the clearing.

In the foreground of his work, Shishkin portrayed little bears. Two of them have already climbed up a fallen tree, the third teddy bear is trying to join them. The last teddy bear prefers loneliness. He stepped aside from his brothers and looks off into the distance. In the background of the painting, the artist depicted a forest and fog falling to the ground.

One gets the impression that these are not ordinary trees, but magical living creatures. At some point, the picture begins to seem fabulous.

In his work, Shishkin demonstrates love and affection for nature, showing all its unique beauty.

There are several options for the history of the creation of the picture. Some believe that Savitsky suggested the idea of ​​the landscape to Shishkin. Initially, only a magical morning forest was depicted on the canvas, and then Savitsky finished painting the cubs. When the painting became known, and it was acquired by Tretyakov, the artist Savitsky did not claim non-copyrights. In addition, Tretyakov said that he bought a picture of Shishkin. That is how he became the sole author of the work.

There is another version. When Shishkin painted, he tried to show the depth and power of the Russian forest. Initially, it was assumed that hares would walk in the forest, but they could hardly convey the author’s idea. Therefore, bears appeared on the landscape. But these stories of the appearance of the famous Russian artwork are completely unjustified by anyone. And how the landscape was actually created is still a mystery.

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