Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich "Pezage"

Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich

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Believe it or not. Amazing picture with amazing strokes of paints. Almost point dial. Against a yellow background, an almost rainy palette is typed. The house, trees, animals and people are hardly guessed. You can interpret this canvas in different ways and each time there will be a completely different palette. That demonstrators seem strange during the festive demonstration. It seems that this is a spring garden, after either a cherry or an apple tree has blossomed. You suddenly realize that this is most likely a city landscape. Fantasy in this case is limitless.

Do not get too carried away with the work of this artist, otherwise you can just slightly lose your roof. This will be a massive lesion of brain cells if you try to get into a large album with reproductions of Malevich. And the "Black Square" will seem like a childish prank to you compared to other canvases that are similar to this canvas. Long peering into the picture is simply impossible. Just soon in the eyes, everything begins to double and triple and it becomes unclear why this is all. shake and surprise? It worked out. Amaze and make you doubt your imagination? It turned out the same. But then why was all this created?

Although in fact, of course it is beautiful. Of course, brilliant. And everything that a genius does is not always immediately clear. It takes time and it seems necessary, the very vision of things that Malevich possessed in order to finally declassify part of his canvases. But, alas, this was not given to us, and the author himself has long been dead.

But really beautiful. And I want to believe that this is a spring landscape that gives us a feeling of joy and some kind of craziness. After all, in the spring it always happens: then nothing, then suddenly - bam! - and here she is the beauty of love, which at once you will not be satisfied. Probably about this painting "Landscape".

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