Description of the painting by Georges Seurat “Powdery Woman”

Description of the painting by Georges Seurat “Powdery Woman”

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In 1890, the artist first exhibited this painting at the Exhibition of Independent Artists, where, in principle, it was not noticed by the jury and the audience. On the same day, his other painting, Kankan, was exhibited, a radically different work, The Powdery Woman, was on the sidelines.

This strange picture for some time raised doubts of the jury in its understanding. Pictured on it, his beloved Madeleine Knobloch, was for a long time hidden by Sera from the discussion of others. No one knew about the relationship of people, because they already had a child. The artist was secretive in relation to everything, and even more so in matters of personal life. It is still not even known how the young people met and in which year.

When the picture was presented to the public, even friends had no idea, through his work he confesses his love for his Muse, confirming his admiration for the beauty of Madeleine. The audience portrait only caused a smile and sarcasm.

The picture resonates more with the popular boudoir scenes of the 18th century, described in French painting. Here Sera emphasizes strange details.

The peculiar satirical image of a woman who admires herself in the mirror means vanity and narcissism. It is not known what the element located at the top left side implies. Someone revered that the artist portrayed himself as a flower pot, which is always next to his beloved.

The dimensions of the table, which stands on the crooked ugly legs are so small that it emphasizes the magnificent forms of a woman. According to the style of the wallpaper patterns, an oval mirror is decorated, decorated with a pink ribbon. All this surroundings emphasizes defiantly bad taste, which brings a touch of humor to the picture.

However, Madeleine did not think so. When the cost of his paintings increased sharply, she decided to leave this work in her collection.

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