Description of the painting by Raphael Santi “Portrait of a Cardinal”

Description of the painting by Raphael Santi “Portrait of a Cardinal”

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Rafael is a recognized master of portraiture. True and genre scenes he turned out no less than portraits. But still, his portrait works are amazing.

Before us is one of his, perhaps, the best works. This is a portrait of a cardinal. Portrait of a not yet old clergyman.

A person is struck by whom he breathes calm, confidence in his faith. But still there is something else in his appearance - power. It is she who flickers in the eyes, in a confident pose, in slightly compressed lips. This person knows for sure that any word spoken by him is a law through which not only a monk, but also a simple citizen, can cross. On the canvas, the cardinal is calm, but who knows what he was like in life?

Rafael created this canvas by order and apparently pleased the cardinal, since for a long time he was kept in his chambers. And if you please, it means that the artist depicted exactly as it should depict him. So he didn’t lie.

Rafael was recognized during his lifetime as a very talented painter and architect. He erected several buildings in Rome and managed to write several dozen paintings. The master passed away too early, very young by the standards of the time. Yes, and by our standards, too.

It is said that his departure accelerated his depraved behavior. In any case, says Vasari. But many historians of the Renaissance culture do not agree with this statement and are inclined to believe that the painter died from Roman fever. But, even having left us, he left a brilliant memory of himself.

His “Madonnas” alone are worth something, or it’s enough to remember only one - “The Sistine Madonna”. This would probably be enough to be remembered for many centuries. By the way, Raphael was buried in the Pantheon - the most incredible building in Rome, to which he also had his hand and his genius.

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