Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "View of Tiflis"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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The painting was created in 1869.

Before the audience appears Tiflis, a southern city with a characteristic nature. In the foreground we see a group of people. The majestic mountains that rise on the horizon give the whole creation a special flavor. They seem to merge with the sky, so solemn and grandiose.

The sun shines through the clouds, giving them an unusual look. Two slender trees in the center with their peaks go straight up. The whole picture is made in the most cheerful colors. Saturated green and golden yellow prevail here.

Aivazovsky created a city landscape. In the distance, the outlines of houses are guessed. We can imagine what the contemporary artist Tiflis looked like. The characteristic nature, lush greenery, majestic mountains - all this lives its own special life. Man is completely merged with nature. We feel a special harmony between them.

In this creation, every detail is important. The artist was able to notice something grandiose in the everyday picture. He not only portrayed what he saw, but also conveyed his attitude to what was happening. The whole picture seems to glow from the inside. We feel the special joy that the artist experienced when portraying the southern city.

As you know, Aivazovsky is a master of landscapes. Each of his paintings is a grandiose creation, in which there is a deep meaning. The painter did not just portray what he saw. He skillfully conveyed his attitude, special mood and innermost thoughts. That is why, at first glance, ordinary stories gain frantic power. The viewer feels that Aivazovsky did not just love nature. He felt his own unity with her and incredible harmony.

Skillful use of the palette, masterful modulations of color give each artist's work a new sound. We feel the true power of nature, which is impossible to see for a simple person. Only true masters possess this ability.

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