Description of the painting by Alexei Korzukhin “Sunday”

Description of the painting by Alexei Korzukhin “Sunday”

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Korzukhin Alexey Ivanovich is recognized as one of the most talented Russian genre artists. Unfortunately, during his lifetime, art history did not take him seriously, although today his works are presented in various museums and are in great demand at exhibitions.

All his talent can be seen in the film "Sunday." The composition of the picture depicts one of the days of an ordinary Russian family. All its members gathered in the meadow, there are both children and their nanny.

The baby in her caring hands and gentle hands, smiles and laughs. They all have a great mood. The same reflects the state of nature, the sun shines clearly, warming the family. The coachman cheerfully plays the harmonica, father and mother cheerfully dance, raising the spirits of everyone present.

In the middle of the composition a boiling samovar is depicted. The family will soon have a meal and drink tea. The eldest son fervently waves his hand at the dance of his parents. A lone balalaika lies beside him idle. A girl in a blue outfit sets the table. Near the boy, a little girl in white, listens to harmony music and smiles.

In his "Sunday Day" striking composition of details. Here everything is drawn to the smallest detail. Family things lie in a large pile, there is an umbrella, and a bag, and clothes. The whole forest composition plays with amazing colors: the trees are as if alive, the grass is incredibly green and juicy, in some places forest flowers bloom. There is a light misty haze above the lake; large trees can be seen in the distance.

From such a lively and cheerful plot, it blows with family warmth, simplicity of laughter, the smells of a pleasant dinner. The family is depicted very sincerely. The viewer wants to get to this cheerful clearing himself, to spin in a crazy dance, to play along with the harmonist and just to visit this amazing spring atmosphere.

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