Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich “Red Square”

Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich “Red Square”

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This work of art was created by Kazimir Malevich. The painting was created by the artist in the twentieth century, namely in 1915. On the reverse side, you can find the second name of the masterpiece - “Woman in Two Dimensions”. Describing the picture, we can say that it consists of a quadrangle painted in red, which is located on a white background.

Now you can look at the "Red Square" by visiting the Russian Museum. In 1920, the author of a work of art endowed it with a second meaning, which proclaimed the approaching revolution.

As for the meaning of the picture, Ksana Blank dared to compare the Suprematism of Casimir Malevich and the work of Leo Tolstoy. In one story of Tolstoy there is a description of the room where longing grips the main character. The room is as follows. The walls of the room are whitened in white. The space itself had a square shape, which greatly influenced a person. There was only one window on which a red curtain was hung. Thus, it is believed that the red square symbolizes longing.

Previously, Malevich explained the meaning of his first Black Square. It consisted in the fact that the square was a kind of feeling for the author, and the white background acted as a void hidden behind this feeling. In this regard, Xana Blank came to the conclusion that the painting "Red Square" symbolizes fear of the inevitable death and fear of emptiness in human life.

Some scientists believe that the red square is a symbol of blood. The opinion was repeatedly expressed that the described picture carries fear of the deed and the unrealized.
It remains to note the depth of thought embedded in his creation by the author, who turned out to be more than relevant during the creation of the world-famous masterpiece.

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