Description of Ivan Bilibin's illustration “Baba Yaga”

Description of Ivan Bilibin's illustration “Baba Yaga”

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Bilibin illustrated fairy tales written by the Russian people. Since childhood, we all know Baba Yaga. She lived in an unusual hut, which stood on chicken legs. Usually she lay on a stove or bench. Yaga moved with the help of a stupa and a broom.

Bilibin created a huge number of illustrations for our beloved tales. We see Baba Yaga. She comfortably settled in such an unusual vehicle as a stupa. On the sundress, you can see the patches.

The artist was able to create a double image. The appearance of Baba Yaga is not able to scare. Her appearance is simply repulsive. Long nose, small eyes, unhealthy skin color. The picture of Bilibin even causes a certain pity. Before us is an openly ugly woman who is absolutely lonely.

Baba Yaga's hair is like a tow that has not been combed for a long time. They show us how fast the stupa flies (fluttering in the wind). Sedina speaks of wisdom. That's why this old woman always helps heroes find their lovers.

The heroine flies through the old forest. Fir-trees rise all around, mosses and lichens are visible, dry birches are standing and peeping through the amanita mushrooms. Before us is the real Baba Yaga, which we present after reading fairy tales.

Speaking of colors, khaki and browns predominate. This color is a stupa, bark, skin of the heroine and her hands. Very soon the night will come, so the brightness of the colors is deliberately muffled. Only a few bright spots stand out - the outfit of the heroine and the fly agaric.

Stupa flies almost over the grass itself. This suggests that the beliefs of the people were down to earth.

The image that Bilibin managed to create is symbolic. In particular, the broom in her hand says a lot. It was with this subject that many people's beliefs were associated.

The picture seems voluminous. We seem to be transported into a fairy tale.

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